Vital Hair Combo

Vital Hair Combo

Elevate your hair care with the Vital Hair Combo, featuring our luxurious Hair Oil, rejuvenating Castor & Hemp Shampoo, and soothing Scalp Treatment. Cater to your hair's every need—experience growth, strength, and scalp vitality in one powerful package. Perfect for all hair types seeking health and radiance.

Simple & Effective


Below, you'll find the individual links for each product. These will guide you to detailed descriptions, including the specific ingredients used in each item. Enjoy exploring our carefully crafted selections!


How to use

Vital Castor & Hemp Shampoo:

  • Wet your hair thoroughly.
  • Apply the shampoo to your scalp and throughout your hair.
  • Gently massage into a lather and rinse well, ensuring all shampoo is washed out.

Vital Scalp Treatment:

  • After shampooing, while the scalp is clean, apply the scalp treatment directly to the scalp.
  • Massage gently to promote absorption and stimulate circulation.
  • Leave it on according to the product's instructions before rinsing (if required).

Vital Hair Oil:

  • Finally, apply the hair oil to damp or dry hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends.
  • Gently work through the hair to evenly distribute the oil.
  • There's no need to rinse; leave it in to continue nourishing your hair.
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Vital Hair Combo
Vital Hair Combo
Vital Hair Combo
Vital Hair Combo
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