Works Better Together


Our Yoni Scrub prevents and removes ingrown hairs made with Pure Cane Sugar for its exfoliating properties.Exfoliating removes dead skin cells which causes those stubborn ingrown hairs we all hate.Exfoliating also breaks up pigmented cells which in return will remove discoloration on anal , yoni , thighs , legs, underarm etc.Our Yoni Scrub is made with Turmeric Root powder,Lemon Essential Oils & Juices.Turmeric will is antibacterial and will reduce inflammation so that means no more painful ingrown hairs and embarrassing dark bikini.
Our Yoni Light Serum helps with discoloration on bikini, anal, tights ,underarm ,basically your entire body. Even though this magic serum is made for your bikini you may also use on your entire body. i mean why not ? It is all natural. Our Yoni Serum is made with pure coco butter & Turmeric Root Powder amazing duo, Pure Cocoa Butter and Turmeric Powder diminishes the appearance of dark discoloration and evens skin tone. so you know what thats means right ? your kitty will always be on pretty