Do you ever feel like your skin needs extra?

My skin is brighter, softer and more balanced! I’m using my Turmeric Lavender Shea Butter Bar Soap when i shower and even as a mask while in the bath. It’s packed full of anti aging goodness and it’s perfect for eczema , scars , strecth mark and more . what even more amazing is its all natural and safe for entire familly

Turmeric Root Powder is the powerhouse ingredient of this Soap Bar. In fact, it is so beneficial for the skin, it deserves it’s own post because of so many benefits. 

In a nut shell, Our Turmeric Soap Bar has anti-inflammatory qualities , It may help with a range of other dermatological conditions and psoriasis. Our Bar soap is responsible for smoothing skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation so any time we can add it to our skin care regime, it’s a good idea.

Our Turmeric Lavender Bar Soap  is extremely healing!